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  • Getting Started

    To start the process, you will first work with our Sales and our Estimating staff. They will work with you to discuss your needs and assess your plans. Then they will present you with a proposal.


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    Moving Forward

    Whether a few weeks or a few years after the proposal, when you call, we are ready to begin. We will discuss any revisions, schedule and design details. Once we have a signed letter of intent, our project team gets started, beginning with team meetings, moving towards the creation of the shop drawings, which we send to you for approval. Once we achieve agreement, updated drawings are prepared and sent to an outside engineering firm for compliance and to ensure that all designs meet safety requirements and local codes.


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    Then It's Back in Your Court

    When we receive the stamped engineering drawings, we prepare the Final Shop Drawings, which we send to you for your final review and approval. Once we have received your approval, we schedule production and move to the next step.


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    Time to Fabricate

    We pull together all of the raw materials and our trained technicians begin the fabrication process of your custom alumiLAST® frames and components. Materials are cut, fit, and welded. After inspection, the fabricated pieces are sent to powder coating and then to assembly. The railings are completed, the decking material is installed and delivery is scheduled. We have fifteen separate quality checks before any Endurable product will leave our facility.


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    Delivery and Installation

    Once you reach the stage in your construction process where it's time to install the decks, we work with your construction personnel to coordinate site delivery and installation. Our alumiLAST® decks are lightweight and easy to install. We have a wealth of information to aid in installation, experts to call, and instructional videos to review. After more than 30,000 deck installations, we have the experience to answer any installation question.


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