Balcony Installation

Our alumiLAST balconies typically arrive with the decking already attached, ready for quick and easy installation.


Loaded for Delivery

This truck has 48 balconies loaded on it. The decking is already attached to each balcony.


This balcony is being installed using a Lull and a JLG.

Installing With a Lull



In this installation, the contractor used a Lull to lift the decks into place. Lag screws were installed from below, and the rods were attached while the lull held the balcony in place. Each balcony required about 30 minutes to lift into place and install.

Installation Specifications

Here are some of our more common installations. For larger PDF's contact our sales department.

Install_Hanging_Deck Install_Inset_Deck Install_SIngle_Rod_Deck