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The alumiLAST® Advantage

alumiLAST® is Endurable Building Products' brand name for our proprietary aluminum decks, balconies, pergolas, decking, railing and other custom products.  We selected the name to convey the reality that products built from aluminum will last for a long time and are ultra low-maintenance.

If you demand high-quality, long-lasting value, then an alumiLAST® product is right for you! Whether you’re building a new structure, replacing a rotting deck or just want a new look, an alumiLAST® system will increase the value you bring to your next multifamily project.

Endurable Building Products has been manufacturing aluminum decks, frames, pergolas and deck kits since 2004. We have the experience to make the process simple, easy and affordable.

Aluminum Deck Framing 

Our alumiLAST® deck framing system features welded construction with aluminum joists, posts, beams and stairs.  You can finish the framing with aluminum decking and aluminum railing or with other common deck and rail products such as composite or hardwood.

Our alumiLAST® deck framing system is a pre-fabricated structural aluminum framing system that is easily installed and maintained.

Aluminum Decking

Aluminum Decking is an exceptional deck material and has several advantages over wood, composite, steel and vinyl systems:

  • Non-combustible
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Comes in many different colors
  • Cooler to the touch than most other options

AlumiLAST Frame


Post supported deck and AlumiLAST frame


Custom stairway installation


Bolt on deck detail with composite decking


Custom frame to accommodate building features


Post supported deck attachment