Flagship Projects

Here are a few of the multifamily unit projects we've done around the United States.


Location: Lombard, IL
Completed: 2016
General Contractor: McShane Construction
Architect: Stephen Rankin Associates
Scope: Pre-fabricated Balconies, Patio Railing, Custom Corner Deck


The Parker

Location: Alexandria, VA
Completed: 2015
General Contractor: CBG Building Company
Architect: SK+I Architectural Design Group, LLC
Scope: Pre-fabricated Balconies, Sunshades, Juliet Railings


The Luke Apartments

Location: Redmond, WA
Completed: 2015
General Contractor:  Adolfson & Peterson Construction (via RailPro)
Architect: BCRA
Scope: Prefabricated Balconies and Canopies


Fairlington Villages Renovation

Location: Arlington, VA
Completed: 2013-2017
General Contractor: American Restoration
Engineers: Tadjer, Cohen, Edelson & Associates
Scope: Replace almost 1000 steel and concrete balconies with prefabricated units.




Bluestone Flats II

Location: Duluth, MN
Completed: 2016
General Contractor: Doran Companies
Architect: Elness, Swenson, Graham Architects
Scope: Prefabricated balconies, patio railings, privacy screens


Cityscape at Belmar

Location: Lakewood, CO
Completed: 2015
General Contractor: Palace Construction
Architect: Studio Completiva
Scope: Prefabricated Balconies, miscellaneous railings


Onyx Apartments

Location: Edina, MN
Completed: 2017
General Contractor: Lennar
Architect: Elness, Swenson, Graham Architects
Scope: Prefabricated Balconies, Patio Railings


Track 29 Apartments

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Completed: 2014
General Contractor: Greiner Construction
Architect: Nelson Tremain Partnership
Scope: Prefabricated Balconies, Railing, Bridge, Sunshades